Menopause Treatment: Three Treatment Solutions For Hot Flashes


It's an inevitable part of life. Sooner or later, all women will go through menopause. While some women experience little symptoms, some women experience an unbearable amount of symptoms during the last 1 to 2 years of perimenopause. Hot flashes are one of the most common complaints of women going through menopause. The constant and persistent periods filled with intense heat, sweating, and warm skin can feel rather uncomfortable. If you're seeking menopause treatment that can target hot flashes, consider the 3 solutions mentioned below.

Change Up Your Lifestyle and Lose Weight

Some studies have linked hot flashes experienced during menopause with one's weight. With every 11 pounds of weight lost, you'll be one-third more likely to experience a significant decline in the intensity, severity, and frequency of the hot flashes you experience. Try to eat a healthier diet and to do more exercise. The idea behind this concept is that a healthier lifestyle can help balance out your hormone levels, which in turn can reduce the severity and frequency of your hot flashes.

Watch What You Eat

Surprisingly, hot flashes are triggered by different types of foods in different women. Foods that might trigger hot flashes in you might not affect another woman. If you notice that you're constantly experiencing hot flashes, then it might be time to watch what you eat. Try an exclusionary diet, which means you'll eat the bare minimum needed each day. Then, slowly start adding different ingredients and spices to see which ones you react to. Common triggers of hot flashes include caffeine, spicy foods, and alcohol.

Try Different Medications and Herbs

If all else fails, you can speak to your doctor to determine whether there are any types of medications or herbs that you can take in order to lessen the intensity or frequency of the hot flashes. Black cohosh is one of the most highly recommended herbs for treating hot flashes; however, it is important to note that a study found that this herb produces mixed results in regards to its efficacy.


If the hot flashes become unbearable, talk to your doctor to determine whether more intense surgeries or procedures will be necessary. There are plenty of different treatment options that have surfaced in the medical industry as of late. You know your body best. At times, it might be best to try out different suggestions to determine what your body responds to.


2 March 2017

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