Three Myths To Understand About Liver Spots


The emergence of liver spots on various areas of your body, including your face and hands, might initially be a concern to you. This can especially be true if you've heard friends or family members sharing some worries about this skin condition. It's important to know that the average person's commentary on many health issues, including liver spots, isn't always well informed. The messages that they share, in some cases, may actually be myths.

29 June 2023

Skin Care Treatment Your Dermatologist Can Do For You


Going to a dermatologist for skin care treatment is a wise choice to consider. Your dermatologist will want to examine your face and body for problem areas you don't like and will ensure you don't have skin cancer. They can also treat skin cancer and other concerning skin issues if they discover that you have problems with your skin. Your dermatologist performs skin care procedures and treatments every day, and is able to help you in many ways.

3 November 2022

Tips To Help Fade Sunspots On Your Face


Sunspots are a leftover sign that you've been out in the sun unprotected for too long. These spots are usually brown in color and appear to be a stain on the face, sometimes they are in smaller patches, or they could be in larger patches on the skin. Sunspots may fade with time or can be covered with makeup, but if you want them completely gone from your skin, there are dermatological ways to remove these spots.

13 May 2022

Bumps On The Arms And Cheeks Of Your Baby? What You Can Do


Those bumps on the arms and cheeks of your baby may appear to be a rash, but they are more than likely dry skin bumps. Those bumps are actually dry skin cells that have accumulated and are filling up the pores, leaving your baby with those itchy bumps. They may appear red, or they may just be a fleshy color. Scratching them or picking at them is not going to help them heal, but there are other things you can do to soothe your baby's skin.

13 January 2022

How to Soothe Dry Skin Naturally


Are you suffering from dry skin? If you find yourself suffering from dry itchy skin, there are many remedies that you can buy at the pharmacy that will help to soothe your dry skin. However, the best remedies for dry skin are often already in your home. If you are looking for natural remedies, here are some of your best options. Use Honey Honey is an ingredient that is found in many beauty products that you buy at the store.

30 July 2021

6 Winter Skin Care Tips


With winter in full swing, you're likely decorating your home for the holidays and shopping for gifts. However, in the midst of all that excitement, don't forget about your skin. Freezing temperatures and strong winds can be tough on your skin, so it is important to take good care of it. Here are a few winter skincare tips to follow. Switch Cleansers If you normally use a gel cleanser to wash your face at night, it's time to replace it with something else.

14 December 2020

4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Skin


Having the best skin possible will depend on the way you care for it. Seeing a dermatologist may be necessary for varying situations to get a diagnosis and treatment. However, the things you do for your skin each day can make a significant difference in how it looks. If you want to enjoy beautiful skin, it's necessary to do the proper things daily. 1. Deep cleanse your skin Taking time to do a deep cleansing routine for your skin is ideal on a routine basis.

30 May 2019

Preparing For Mohs Surgery


It is estimated that over 85,000 cases of invasive melanoma skin cancer will be diagnosed in the year 2017. Of these 85,000 individuals it is estimated that a little over 9,500 will die. This is a great reason to put on the sunscreen when you are outside, and to stay away from any tanning bed. However, no matter how careful your are, there is a chance that you can develop melanoma.

4 September 2017

6 Dos And Don'ts Of Treating Acne Prone Skin


If you or your child have been struggling with acne, it does not have to be an uphill battle. While an occasional breakout may not require treatment from a dermatologist, if acne tends to persist or reappear after at home treatments, it's best to make an appointment with a skin doctor. Listen to the dermatologist, and consider the following "Dos and Don'ts" for controlling acne-prone skin: 1. DO Understand That Acne May Begin at an Early Age

16 August 2017

3 Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin


Having oily skin on some or all of your face can make you more acne-prone and prevent makeup from holding up throughout the day. Gaining control over excess oil all begins with how you care for your skin each day: Keep Your Skin Hydrated Nothing makes oily skin more oily than slacking on the moisturizer. People with oily skin generally find their skin in more receptive to lightweight moisturizers, such as thin, water-based creams or gel moisturizers.

10 July 2017