Bumps On The Arms And Cheeks Of Your Baby? What You Can Do


Those bumps on the arms and cheeks of your baby may appear to be a rash, but they are more than likely dry skin bumps. Those bumps are actually dry skin cells that have accumulated and are filling up the pores, leaving your baby with those itchy bumps. They may appear red, or they may just be a fleshy color. Scratching them or picking at them is not going to help them heal, but there are other things you can do to soothe your baby's skin. Read on for helpful information.

Apply A Thick Lotion

Apply a thick lotion to your baby's skin that is good for dry skin or eczema. These types of lotions are usually thicker and will help to soothe skin for much longer than other types of lotions. Allow the lotion to soak into the skin and reapply it throughout the day. Apply it to the skin where there are bumps or all over your baby's body for smooth skin.

Slough Off Dead Skin Cells

Slough off the dead skin cells on your baby's skin using a soft wash cloth to gently remove the dead skin. Don't scrub too harshly, and don't pick at the dead skin cells or the bumps. You'll only end up damaging the skin and causing broken skin and eventually scarring. Gently slough off the dead skin cells and repeat this with each bath you give to your baby. Apply lotion immediately after the bath to help hold in the moisture.

Use Fragrance-Free Detergent

Use detergents that are fragrance-free and that are made for sensitive skin to avoid irritating your baby's skin. If your baby already has dry sin, using detergents with harsh fragrances and other additives can be harsh on your baby's skin. Using a detergent for sensitive skin can help prevent irritation from all of those clothing changes your baby will be getting. Wash all of your baby's sheets and blankets in the fragrance-free detergent as well.

Watch What You're Feeding Your Baby

What you're feeding your baby may be what is causing the dry skin issues. Keep track of the foods you feed to your baby and give this information to your baby's pediatrician or to the pediatric dermatologist to help narrow down what may be causing this skin dryness.

If your baby has dry, itchy bumps on the back of the arms or on the cheeks, it is more than likely just dead skin cells that have accumulated in the pores of the skin. Don't pick at these bumps; instead, you should slough off the dead skin cells gently, apply lotion, and keep a close eye on what you are feeding your baby. Take your baby to a pediatric dermatology office for other treatment options. 


13 January 2022

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While I wasn't fond the reason I had to visit a dermatologist when I was a teenager (I had severe acne that she helped me manage), I feel lucky to have had the experience of visiting a dermatologist and learning just what they can do to help me have great-looking skin. I wasn't happy when I got my first wrinkle at about 30; my acne had just cleared up, and I wanted to enjoy having skin I finally loved for at least a few years! With a little more help from my dermatologist, I am now in my 50s, and many people think I am much younger than I am due to the amazing anti-aging treatments my dermatologist gives me. I want to teach what I have learned about skincare to others who need the advice, so please come back often for new skincare tips!