Preparing For Mohs Surgery


It is estimated that over 85,000 cases of invasive melanoma skin cancer will be diagnosed in the year 2017. Of these 85,000 individuals it is estimated that a little over 9,500 will die. This is a great reason to put on the sunscreen when you are outside, and to stay away from any tanning bed. However, no matter how careful your are, there is a chance that you can develop melanoma. If you have developed melanoma you should know that there is a treatment that works very well. This procedure is called Mohs surgery and consists of a doctor using a razor to cut away layers of the cancerous skin until the cancer is completely gone. As you can imagine there area few things that you should do to get ready for the surgery. 

Blood Thinners

You will be given a local anesthesia and numbed in the area where your skin cancer is, so you will not feel a lot in the area. However, the doctor will need to get any bleeding under control. This is one of the reasons that your doctor will tell you to stop taking over the counter blood thinners two weeks before your surgery. You do not want the doctor to have a hard time stopping any bleeding. However, there are natural blood thinners you should stay away from such as fish oil, garlic, vitamin E, ginger and many more. You want to stay away from these foods as well.

Prepare A Ride Home

The odds are that you will have no problem driving yourself home from the surgery, but you do not know how your body will react with the anesthesia or the surgery . Many bodies will go into a mild shock when they undergo the procedure, and if this is the case, you should not drive yourself home. So, when you are preparing for the surgery be sure that you have a ride arranged just to be safe.

The Store

Going to the store to pick up medicated ointments will be an absolutely necessary trip to the store, but you do not want to have to worry about it right after your surgery. Go to the store a week or so in advance to pick up the medicated ointments. This way you do not have to walk into the pharmacy in pain and ask for the treatments. You will have the ability to go straight home.


4 September 2017

 Grow Old Gracefully with the Help of a Dermatologist

While I wasn't fond the reason I had to visit a dermatologist when I was a teenager (I had severe acne that she helped me manage), I feel lucky to have had the experience of visiting a dermatologist and learning just what they can do to help me have great-looking skin. I wasn't happy when I got my first wrinkle at about 30; my acne had just cleared up, and I wanted to enjoy having skin I finally loved for at least a few years! With a little more help from my dermatologist, I am now in my 50s, and many people think I am much younger than I am due to the amazing anti-aging treatments my dermatologist gives me. I want to teach what I have learned about skincare to others who need the advice, so please come back often for new skincare tips!