Skin Care Treatment Your Dermatologist Can Do For You


Going to a dermatologist for skin care treatment is a wise choice to consider. Your dermatologist will want to examine your face and body for problem areas you don't like and will ensure you don't have skin cancer. They can also treat skin cancer and other concerning skin issues if they discover that you have problems with your skin. Your dermatologist performs skin care procedures and treatments every day, and is able to help you in many ways.

3 November 2022

Tips To Help Fade Sunspots On Your Face


Sunspots are a leftover sign that you've been out in the sun unprotected for too long. These spots are usually brown in color and appear to be a stain on the face, sometimes they are in smaller patches, or they could be in larger patches on the skin. Sunspots may fade with time or can be covered with makeup, but if you want them completely gone from your skin, there are dermatological ways to remove these spots.

13 May 2022

Bumps On The Arms And Cheeks Of Your Baby? What You Can Do


Those bumps on the arms and cheeks of your baby may appear to be a rash, but they are more than likely dry skin bumps. Those bumps are actually dry skin cells that have accumulated and are filling up the pores, leaving your baby with those itchy bumps. They may appear red, or they may just be a fleshy color. Scratching them or picking at them is not going to help them heal, but there are other things you can do to soothe your baby's skin.

13 January 2022