Preparing For Mohs Surgery


It is estimated that over 85,000 cases of invasive melanoma skin cancer will be diagnosed in the year 2017. Of these 85,000 individuals it is estimated that a little over 9,500 will die. This is a great reason to put on the sunscreen when you are outside, and to stay away from any tanning bed. However, no matter how careful your are, there is a chance that you can develop melanoma.

4 September 2017

6 Dos And Don'ts Of Treating Acne Prone Skin


If you or your child have been struggling with acne, it does not have to be an uphill battle. While an occasional breakout may not require treatment from a dermatologist, if acne tends to persist or reappear after at home treatments, it's best to make an appointment with a skin doctor. Listen to the dermatologist, and consider the following "Dos and Don'ts" for controlling acne-prone skin: 1. DO Understand That Acne May Begin at an Early Age

16 August 2017

3 Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin


Having oily skin on some or all of your face can make you more acne-prone and prevent makeup from holding up throughout the day. Gaining control over excess oil all begins with how you care for your skin each day: Keep Your Skin Hydrated Nothing makes oily skin more oily than slacking on the moisturizer. People with oily skin generally find their skin in more receptive to lightweight moisturizers, such as thin, water-based creams or gel moisturizers.

10 July 2017

What Increases Your Risk For Skin Cancer?


According to the American Cancer Society, the survival rate for someone who is diagnosed with skin cancer in the first stage can be as high as 97 percent. The survival rate decreases as it progresses. Therefore, it is important that the disease is detected in its earliest stages. To help you with early detection, here is what you need to know: Who Is at Risk?   Anyone can develop skin cancer, but there are groups of people who are at a greater risk of developing the disease.

6 July 2017

Understanding Dysplastic Mole Difficulties


If you have made an appointment with a dermatologist to have several moles, or nevi, checked on your body, then you may hear your doctor talking about a dysplastic nevus. Keep reading to understand what this term means and also to understand what your doctor may want to do about it. What Is A Dysplastic Nevus? The term dysplastic is used to describe a mole that is different than a normal mole. Doctors sometimes call them atypical or abnormal as well.

26 April 2017

5 Ways That Honey Can Help With Dermatological Issues


You may associate honey with the hearty sweetness it contributes to beverages and baked goods. You may not have been aware of the fact that honey also contributes many helpful benefits to the skin. If you are suffering from any of a variety of different mild dermatological conditions, rubbing a bit of honey onto your skin might clear up the issue. The following are five health benefits honey can bring to your skin:

17 March 2017

What You Should Know About Mohs Surgery


Skin cancer is becoming very common. In fact, approximately 3.3 million people are treated for skin cancer every year. So it is something that many people have to deal with. If skin cancer is caught early, there is a very good success rate for surgeries that cut the cancer out of the skin. It can be sort of nerve racking to think of going trough a surgery, but skin cancer surgery is not that bad.

10 March 2017